About this blog


My name is Steve, and I am the main web developer and server administrator for ANS Communications.  I have decided to start this blog and write about everything I have learnt about Web Hosting, Online Marketing and E-commerce.

With over 10 years of web development and web hosting experience, Search Engine Marketing is something I do for clients a lot and have learn a few interesting thing about it.

Over the years, Google has forced webmaster to create good contents in order to get good SEO ranking.  However, I have found the most SEO companies do not provide provide real SEO services.  Why do I say that?  Because Good SEO cannot be achieved through adding a javascript on the website.  Good SEO cannot be achieved just be link building.  Good SEO cannot be achieved without web development and the webmaster thinking how to improve the user experience, and so much more.

Over time I will detail everything that is required to make a website SEO friendly, following Google’s best practices and guidelines, pass all the performance tools, avoiding incorrect techniques leading to Google penalties, and much much more.  I will show you why SEO is actually an art and require you to optimise every aspects of your online business which includes: web hosting, web design, web development, content writing, User Interface Optimisation, Data Collection and Analysis, and Paid Per Click Advertising.